A Beautiful Turntable – Pro-Ject The Classic

A Beautiful Turntable – Pro-Ject The Classic
Sturdy, well engineered, traditional turntable
After quite a few months of excitement, we finally have our hands on Pro-Ject’s latest turntable: The Classic.
It’s a beautiful and technically very well thought out design, which brings to mind some of the best turntables from days gone by…
Setting the turntable up was a breath of fresh air. It is clear this is a properly designed turntable, with no shortcuts taken in it’s build quality. The feet are heavily engineered, as is the platter and tonearm.
We fitted the Ortofon 2M Black Cartridge which after some careful tweaking is sounding magnificent on the Pro-Ject Evolution tonearm.
This is a turntable well worth having a listen to!
Come in and see us in our Wellington and Christchurch store to have a Pro-Ject Classic experience…

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