A Legend arrives in Wellington!

Christmas came late. A Legend arrives in Wellington!
It’s been a long time coming, the wait is finally over. For the first time ever, the legendary brand McIntosh has a dealer in Wellington.
McIntosh has made a name for itself worldwide for it’s engineering standard and offers a vast array of audio components.
Late yesterday afternoon we received our first shipment, so I tried to suppress my excitement and took a few photos of the unboxing.
The McIntosh MA8000 Integrated Amplifier.
The world’s most powerful integrated amplifier, The McIntosh MA8000
Considering McIntosh’s flagship integrated weighs in at a little over 60kg, shipping it internationally from Binghamton, New York is no straightforward task, and McIntosh takes a lot of care to insure it arrives as it should.
After opening the box, we were greeted with a high density foam fortress.
A box within a box adds a significant amount of protection from freight damage.
The base of the amplifier is bolted to a thick piece of plywood to make sure it stays in one place.
Eloquently presented by our hand model, Richard.
Despite it’s gargantuan weight, it is beautifully finished. The McIntosh MA8000.
The McIntosh MT5 Precision Turntable.
Vinyl is a delicate format and to get the most out of it, over engineering is key. McIntosh has really outdone itself with this piece of art. It’s minimal set up and world class sound makes it excellent value and a real statement piece of any system.
The tonearm, power supply and other accessories are carefully shrouded in a lightweight foam.
Sumiko’s Blue Point No. 2 Cartridge pre-fitted and calibrated at the McIntosh factory.
McIntosh has taken out a lot of the guesswork by calibrating and aligning the cartridge in house, meaning you can take it home, plug it up and rest assured knowing your getting the most out of your investment.
A world class turntable. The McIntosh MT5.
The MT5 comes equipped with a high performance platter and motor drive assembly. The precision tone arm and high output moving coil cartridge is also compatible with moving magnet phono stages. The illuminated, magnetically suspended platter produces a truly awesome glow. Rolling Stone magazine calls it “The Turntable of the Gods”
The iconic McIntosh glow. Something you have to see in person.
The McIntosh MA6700 Integrated Amplifier.
We have been lucky to see some great gear come through our second Demo Lounge, but this has to be one of the most spectacular amplifiers I have ever heard.
Providing the shop with audible bliss, The McIntosh MA6700.
A formidable piece of electrical engineering, but you don’t have to be an audiophile to hear what this offers. Demo Lounge 2 has never sounded so good.
Exquisite, world class sound. A revelatory experience.
A picture says 1000 words, but to truly understand what McIntosh does, you have to witness it for yourself.
Drop by The Listening Post Wellington and have a listen, or give us a call on 0508 TO HIFI (86 4434) and ask for McIntosh.

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