A tip for earthquake ravaged Christchurch

A tip for earthquake ravaged Christchurch
Many Christchurch based customers are searching for ways to stabalise their speakers and speaker stands.
Sand filling is commonly spoken about, but totally impractical as the sand is often wet, dirty or in the case of sea sand – likely to rust the stands themselves.
Also, once filled the fine sand often works it way out, leaving tell-tale signs of leaks.
Lead shot is the best solution, as it is bigger and heavier – but at over $150 to fill just one stand, its a little pricey.
We have found that aquarium rocks actually provide quite a cost effective method of filling stands. They are cheap ($20 – $30 for a 10 kilo bag – that fills two big, or four small stands).
It is so easy to use, clean, dust free, heavy, and sonically dead. With some hot glue, most stands can have their cable management holes plugged so they will not leak.
The Homeworld Rock Artist shown above is what we are currently using to great effect, and recommend this over many other options.
So if you are looking for a way to weight your stands, give this option a shot; if you have any questions, give us a call!
(Available from Animates – Tower Junction)

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