Add Internet Radio Stations to your Networked Yamaha Product

Add Your Own Internet Radio Stations To Yamaha’s Network Players
Yamaha’s vTuner integration is quite a cool little feature, while it provides a gargantuan number of Internet Radio Stations, fate would have it the one that you really, really would like isn’t featured. But don’t give up just yet, there is a very easy fix for this!
Whichever Stations You Want.
vTuner’s web page offers you even more stations, with the ability for you to add whichever stations you want. Simply click on the link above and follow these simple instructions.
Enter your Yamaha Player’s MAC Address.
To get this, simply open the app and follow this on-screen procedure;
Click My Added Stations.
Once you’ve entered those details, you’ll be brought through to this page;
Find Your Station, Or Add Your Own!
A lot of the stations can be found in the large list, however if it’s a lesser known station or even your own ShoutCast station, you can add your own!
(Note; to add a station, you need to create a vTuner account, this takes about a minute and is very easy)
Just enter in the URL that your radio station’s website gives you, enter a logical name, location and genre and away you go. The next time you go to use your Yamaha streaming device, your new station will be there waiting for you!

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