A&K SE-100 arrives in both stores

A&K SE-100 Now in Store
We are pleased to announce the long awaited arrival of Astell & Kern’s SE 100 high res portable music player. This portable music player is a replacement for the A&K 380 and has a brand new design that allows the player to fit perfectly in the palm of your hand. We absolutely love its angles and features including new DACs and a longer battery life. The Astell & Kern SE 100 is a phenomenal product at a new and amazing price point that has left us extremely impressed.
From Astell & Kern’s website: “A&futura SE100 shows our dedication to provide both premium quality and value to our listeners including an eye-catching design. It features a 5-inch touchscreen, Octa-core CPU, and the best audio performance in its league. Astell&Kern is committed to delivering the original performance as the artist intended you to hear and the SE100 is a symbolic example of this vision and effort. A&futura SE100 introduces an 8-channel DAC chip. 8-channel DACs have previously only been available for premium home audio systems, pro-audio workstations, and recording studio equipment. It is making a debut for the first time in an Astell&Kern portable system. Your favorite tunes will now sound fundamentality different with even greater dynamic range and refined sound.”
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