Arcam A19 Won’t Come Out Of Standby – Solution

Arcam A19 Won’t Come Out Of Standby – Solution
A quick and easy solution to get your Arcam A19 to power on from standby.
Arcam’s extremely popular A19 amplifier has been designed to fit within very strict EU and British Power Conservation rules.
If you power the amplifier off with the remote (i.e. standby), it will stay in standby for a few hours, then go into a very low power mode. To turn back on, it requires the power button on the front panel to be pushed to turn it off, then pushed again to turn it back on. Once it powers off and on again, it will work normally. If you’re not expecting it though, this can make it look like the amplifier is dead.
Luckily this issue is pretty easy to fix!
Move the volume control to bring the unit out of standby
Press the Aux & Balance Keys simultaneously
Use the volume wheel to set the auto-power off timing

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