Astell & Kern announce Kann Cube

Kann Cube announced
Kann do attitude & other puns
Astell & Kern have unveiled the successor to one of our best sellers; the Astell & Kern Kann Cube.
The Cube is less of a rethought Kann, and more of a power statement. That is, the Cube has focused on total output power and sonic quality, rather than the true swiss army nature of the original Kann.
The Cube features a massive 12Vrms output compared to 7Vrms, providing the ability to drive a much wider range of headphones than before. Think Audeze, Hifiman, Meze and more.
The DAC section has also been greatly improved to feature twin Sabre ES9038 chips. This helps to mitigate crosstalk, and increases signal to noise ratio.
These are all aided by a 1200mAh increase in battery capacity to 7400mAh. However, overall playback time has fallen by a whopping 33% to make up for the added power and digital to analogue conversion.
The playback time is still 9 hours to get most through their day. While it may not be the last word in true portability, the Cube still represents a heavy weight, padding out Astell & Kern’s already extensive range.
There is currently no ETA on the unit as of yet, and pricing is set to be a sizeable increase which further highlights the value of the current Astell & Kern Kann.

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