Audio-Technica AT91 & AT95 Set To Be Replaced

AT-VM95 to replace AT91 & 95 cartridges
Audio-Technica’s long heralded AT91 & AT95 cartridge and stylus combos are set for the first refresh in 38 years.
One of the world’s best selling stylus has been overhauled to offer a much wider range of options and boasting some great improvements:
4mv output (up from 3.5mv)
More stylus options:
nude elliptical
3mil conical
tapered cantilever conical
ABS cantilever eliptical
ABS cantilever conical
Unified cartridge body, enabling easy upgrade path
XP subrange for DJ oriented playback
We have good stocks of AT91s and 95s however we are unable to get more, so if you’ve been putting off replacing that stylus, now might be a good time.
The new models are due in NZ by the end of June.

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