Audio-Technica’s New MSR7 Has Landed

Audio-Technica’s latest headphone with the new Hi-Res Audio branding.
Late yesterday afternoon we received a shipment from Audio-Technica New Zealand with the long awaited MSR7.
Packaging is very well presented, similar to their earsuit series of headphone although a bit easier to manage.
You get a nice range of accessories including 3 detachable cables. A 3m standard, a 1.5m and a 1.5m with smartphone control as well as a pleather bag to keep them looking pristine.
Available in Black, Grey/Brown and Limited Edition Red/Gold.
The overall fit and feel of the headphone is very nice. Aluminium and Magnesium are used for a lot of the construction as well as again a pleather fitted headband and earpads.
These are a snug headphone.
Sound quality wise, these are no doubt Audio-Technica’s. Those familiar with their famed M50x will adore these headphones.
Comparatively, much more resolving and a touch more neutral. A nice in-betweener between our two best sellers, Audio-Technica’s own M50x and PSB’s M4U2.
An all round great headphone for the money.

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