Audiofly AF1120 – 6 Driver IEM’s

Audiofly AF1120 – 6 Driver IEM’s
We are very excited to have received Audiofly’s latest creation: The reference in ear monitor (IEM) – AF1120.
Apart from looking extremely cool in it’s translucent housing, this guy packs in 6 balanced armature drivers in a three way design.
In typical Audiofly fashion, the packaging is well thought out and thorough. There are tips for every ear and situation and a substantial carry case.
“These headphones have already been pretty extensively reviewed, and the verdict was that they sound amazing. Needless to say we couldn’t wait to get these up and running…”
I wasn’t disappointed at all! These are substantially smoother and better balanced than my AF180’s while still preserving all of the detail and resolution that I loved about the AF180. They also fit a little nicer than the AF180’s.
Overall very impressive! Feel free to swing by and have a listen and we have a demo pair which you are welcome to listen to.

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