Audiofly Bluetooth In Ear Headphones

Bluetooth In-Ears That Actually Sound Good!
Audiofly’s latest creation, the AF100W is a wireless in ear headphone. Designed for people who need the convenience of wireless but aren’t prepared to listen to the very basic sound quality of most other options.
The AF100W’s combine Audiofly’s excellent sound quality with a compact, comfortable and convenient design.
Packaging / Accessories:
The AF100W’s come very well accessorised. Including a set of Comply Memory Foam Tips, several pairs of silicon tips, a compact carry pouch, a USB cable, and a very simple manual.
Set Up / Pairing
The AF100W’s take about an hour to charge on a reasonably high current charger and apparently last about five hours of playback on each charge.
To initially pair the AF100W’s you simply need to hold the center button until the unit turns on, then continue holding until the lights flash red and blue.
The range was excellent for a bluetooth device. I could walk around our entire showroom with my phone in one corner without any dropouts or major drop in quality.
Sound Quality
The AF100W’s sound extremely good for a pair of bluetooth in ears! The sound is very well balanced and quite detailed. Considering the price point of these guys, to me they are excellent value for money.
Pop in store and try them out!
Available in both our Wellington & Christchurch stores
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