Bluetooth Pairing Tip

For those who are in the market for a Bluetooth enabled product, then this tips and tricks is for you.   Bluetooth works by sending and receiving radio waves in a band of 79 different frequencies or channels, centered on 2.45 GHz. Bluetooth devices automatically detect and connect to one another and up to eight of them can communicate at any one time. The power of the transmitter governs the range over which a Bluetooth device can operate and, generally, devices fall into one of three categories: We sell a number of Bluetooth enabled devices, from radios to receivers, the list goes on. So here’s our tip on how to correctly pair to any Bluetooth device.   When you begin the pairing process, you should stand a reasonable distance from the device you’re trying to pair to (try standing 5m away, not right next to the device). This is because when you pair closely to the device it overloads the receiver which may cause the signal to drop out if you try to walk even just a short distance away with your device.   If you’ve already completed the pairing process and are finding you don’t have very good range, disconnect and forget the Bluetooth device in your settings, and repeat the pairing process again, this time from a more reasonable distance from the radio / receiver / speaker.

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