Building a Custom AV Cabinet

Custom AV Cabinets
It’s very difficult to find A/V cabinets that actually suit modern rooms and A/V equipment. So why not have one built to suit your requirements? It’s not actually much more expensive, and typically will last much longer than any mass produced cabinet or TV stand.
So how do you go about doing something like this?
The process starts with carefully going over your current equipment and room and any future requirements you may have. Once we have a conceptual idea of what you’re after the process begins in earnest. We have a long history of working with interior designers and cabinet makers, and once we have a design finalised, we provide the drawings to several local cabinet makers to quote to build the cabinets.
Some important things to consider:
How the cabinet fits into the decor of the room
Size and heat of any equipment
Hiding the equipment from view when not needed
Keeping any connecting cables tidy
Future Exandibility
Storage of other items (Books, CD’s DVD’s etc.)
Advantages of custom made cabinets:
Solid, sturdy and last a lifetime
Fit perfectly into existing rooms and decor
Designed around the equipment you have, so that no modifications are neccessary.
Tidier storage of equipment

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