C588 Belt-Driven Turntable From NAD

C588 Belt-Driven Turntable From NAD
We recently unboxed one of NAD’s most talked about turntables – the C588, and were impressed right from the get go.
NAD know hi-fi and have created a damn good turntable adding their flavour to it that offers a basically neutral, certainly balanced and well presented turntable, offering clarity and lots of detail. The C 588 features a custom designed carbon fiber tonearm shaft with a fixed metal head shell and features a decoupled counterweight and magnetic anti-skate compensation. An Ortofon 2M Red cartridge is factory installed and offers superb tracking and a delicately nuanced full range sound.
The C588 is a turntable that will provide rich and reliable analogue playback for many years. It is attractive and offers quite a few features not usually found at its price point.
Keep an eye out for the unboxing video on our Youtube channel – The Listening Post
We have the C588 set up in our Christchurch store and is nothing short of stunning. If you’re in the market for a turntable and want to learn more about this belt-driven turntable, then pop in today!

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