Choosing the right Oppo App

Control your Oppo Blu-Ray Player from your smart phone
If you own an Oppo Blu-Ray player and a smartphone, you could be controlling the Blu-ray player without any remotes! All remotes are available for both Android and iOS but not for Windows Phone.
Oppo have three different apps available for their Blu-Ray Players:
Oppo Remote:
Has the very basic functionality of your hand held remote control, but has the benefit of being able to control both older and current model players from the same app. It’s nice and simple to use, and quite reliable.
Oppo Media Control for BDP-10X
Adds a lot of functionality over the “Oppo Remote”
You can browse through a plugged in USB hard drive, browse media shares on your network and view album art work. You can even turn the player off and on. Only works for the Oppo BDP103 and BDP105.
Oppo Media Control for BDP-9X
Has more or less the same functionality as the media control app for the BDP10X, but designed for the BDP93 and BDP95

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