DAC stands for Digital to Analogue Converter. This device is required to convert digital information into an analogue sound wave. CD Players, Digital Audio Players, Computers, Streamers, T.V’s and any other device that stores sound digitally will have one. The quality varies greatly, though, and when improving a system is a good place to start.

An external DAC allows you to get sound from your TV, computer or other digital source through a stereo or system that only has analogue inputs

There are a lot of small factors which differentiate between a good DAC and a great one:

  • Power Supply
  • Discrete Analogue Outputs (As opposed to Integrated Circuits)
  • Support for newer formats
  • Variable Outputs
  • Quality of DAC Chip (This is a lot less important than everyone makes out)
  • Jitter Reduction Circuitry
  • Overall Build Quality
  • Input Flexibility.
  • Ease of Setup (Drivers for PC etc.)

Now that you understand what a DAC is why not have a look at which DAC could be yours.

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