Once in the right location, Speakers can make the most engineered influence over the sound you will here.  Although small speaker options are available, we would generally recommend you considered floor standing speakers (and a matched centre) to form the front three speakers of a Home Theatre. Then complement these fronts with at least two rear speakers (which generally can be smaller).  The front speakers “do all the heavy lifting” and need some thought put into their performance, quality and placement in the room.

Rear speakers reinforce what is going on at the front, so can (perhaps) be placed in locations that balance visual impact in the room. They could be placed in the ceiling, or in the walls, or bookshelf speakers on brackets off the wall, or on stands off the floor and still perform pretty well. A 5.1 set up would see two rear speakers, a 7.1 would see four rear speakers.  Formats like 5.1.2 through to 7.2.4 would see us having a conversation about Atmos in-ceiling (or direct reflection) height speakers too.

Here in this “Speakers Collection” we have highlighted some of the more popular items within the range we carry. This is not a complete list – it a short, sample “taste” of the speaker solutions we can provide.

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