Stereo Amplifiers

An amplifier and the speakers connected to it, work together (kind of like a car a trailer). The speakers present a load (often a challenging load, like a fully laden trailer) and it up to the amplifier to keep that load under control, sounding good and offer up a dynamic, full range presentation.

A stereo amplifier is technically a stereo, integrated amplifier, but we often call it an Amp, or “receiver” (and amp with an am/fm tuner on board).  With modern streaming stereo amplifiers, the term “receiver” often refers to an amp, with the ability to play music without the use of an external source.

Here in the amplifier subsection of our “Stereo Collection” we have highlighted some of the more popular items, from the amplifiers & receivers we stock and sell. This is not a complete list – it a short, sample “taste” of the solutions we can provide.

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