Contour S 1.4 Copy Warning

Contour S 1.4 Copy Warning!
Apparently, some counterfit Dynaudio speakers have surfaced in the Asian – Pacific region. Evidently, there has already been a Kiwi caught out by these. With people being more and more likely to buy online, it’s sometimes difficult to really know where your products are being sourced. From Dyn’s website:
“Dynaudio recently recognized loudspeaker models that are obviously copies.
The first models appeared in China but it is possible that more models will appear also in other parts of the world. The currently known copies are made of the Dynaudio Contour 1.4.
You can identify the copy by the following indications: 1. Sound quality far below Dynaudio standard, 2. Finish quality of the wood veneer far below Dynaudio standard, 3. Contour label copy on the back is silver-matt, instead of original, shiny brushed-metal label, 4. Serial number sticker on the copy cabinet is Orange-coloured, instead of original red-coloured serial number sticker.
Dynaudio recommends to be careful in buying very cheap offers and only to buy from authorized Dynaudio dealers. Contact your local distributor for a list of dealers.”

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