Crighton’s Thoughts: Meze Classic 99

Crighton’s Thoughts: Meze Classic 99
If you’re anything like us, finding the perfect pair of headphones isn’t something that happens overnight. Over time, your tastes and usage can change quite a lot, and making a long term commitment to a pair of headphones just sounds a little ridiculous.
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It came as quite a surprise then, to find a pair of headphones that really seems to tick all of the boxes, and keeps getting better with time.
Quick Intro: Meze 99 Classics
Closed Back Over Ear Design
CNC cut, wooden earcups
Detachable Cables
Medium Memory Foam Earpads
Includes Carry case, flight adapter and 6.3mm adapter.
First Impressions for the Classic 99’s are fantastic. I first un-boxed the Meze’s for our You-tube unboxing Series.
The build quality and overall accessories are pretty much as good as you can hope for, even for a pair of high end headphones. This is a well built and well thought out product.
The sound of the Meze’s has grown on me over time. The first impression is warm and lush, with great texture and expression through the mid range.
At first, I thought this could be hiding some of the inner detail, but over time, the balance has improved and it is clear that all of the detail is there, if it is wrapped in a quite warm presentation.
The noise isolation is solid, better than most over ear headphones, and the long term comfort is fantastic. The headband design means that the pressure is really evenly spread over the top of your head.
Overall, this is a fantastic product, and one I would be happy to own. It’s perfect for create your own quiet zone at work, or just enjoying your music on the go. Highly Recommended.
Scroll down to see my first impressions in the un-boxing video.

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