Customising your Sangean Radio

Adding Radio Sport to Your Sangean Radio
Sangean offers a couple Internet enabled radios, which give you access to an online directory with tens of thousands of stations. But what are you to do if they don’t have your favorite radio station?
Works for:
Sangean WFR-27C
Sangean WFR-28D
Sangean WFR-28C
Well, they’ve created a way of adding your own radio stations to your radio, enabling you to access just about any station that broadcasts on standard Internet Radio.
The process isn’t really intuitive the first time you do it, but the manual does a good job of guiding you through.
For those of you who would like the short version, I’ve included a small walkthough to get you started.
Go to This website acts as your own online station mangement system for your radio. If you’ve not used it before, select “Register here” and create an account.
This will take you to the site registration.
One of the first thing it asks for is the “Access Code”. This is how the service knows which radio is yours.
The process is the same for all Sangean Radios, including both the WFR-27C and the WFR-28C:
Turn the radio on and select “Internet Radio”.
Press the “Menu”, then select “Station List”.
Scroll to the bottom and select “Help”.
Select “Get Access Code”. This is the number you will need to key into the webpage.
Fill out the rest of the details in the form (Email and Password).
Once you have your account, you can log in and search for stations to add to your favorites.
If the station you would like to listen to isn’t found, you can add your own. Often, you can go to the radio station’s website and search for the “Listen Live” link. With the rise of iHeartRadio, many of the actual links are buried in the website. Often selecting the International stream will provide you with the link you need. With Radio Hauraki, for instance, you have to load the menu, select “Listen”, then select “Listen Live (International).
This will provide you with a link to “Listen on iTunes or VLC Media Player”. The link should look something like “”. Copy this link.
On the Radio Portal, select “Add another station”
Fill out the information. The Station URL is the link you copied from your radio stations website.
When you are finished, select the blue right arrow. You will get a confirmation message that says “Go back to you Homepage to view your added stations.”
On your radio, go to the “Stations List” and select “My Added Stations” and you will see the radio stations you just added, as well as any other you added to your favourite.

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