Devialet Go the Extra Mile with Core Infinity Upgrade

Devialet Go The Extra Mile
Devialet Expert 220 and Companion in our Christchurch Store
Devialet’s Core Infinity Upgrade
Devialet are very different from most hi-fi manufacturers. Most of these companies, once they have developed a completely revolutionary digital interface and networking system, would slap a new model name on the product and sell it for a bunch more money.
Devialet, on the other hand, have offered the upgrade to all of their existing customers, as part of their commitment to those that have purchased their products.
The Core Infinity upgrade is a controller board completely designed for the Expert Pro series of Devialet products, offering the promise of improved integration of high-quality music sources in the future, via simple software updates.
Out of the box, the upgrade will feature:
Complete Room Integration
Apple AirPlay
Spotify Connect
Plans for the future include:
Internet Radio
All seamlessly integrated into the existing Devialet System. We really have to congratulate Devialet on their choice to take the higher road on this, and really looking after their customers.
You can view our range of Devialet products on our website here: Devialet Products
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