Digital Conundrum? Solved! dCS Rossini arrives in Wellington

A truly State of the Art piece.
I tried to piece together a good introduction to this article. I don’t know whether it’s not enough coffee or too much. To be honest, I don’t care.
I don’t care, because yesterday we received one of the coolest pieces of HiFi gear I have ever had the chance to bare witness to.
With great pleasure, the Listening Post Wellington received the dCS Rossini Player and external Word Clock.
In case you’re outside of the loop, dCS (Data Conversion Systems) is one of the biggest players in high end digital audio. Formed in Cambridge, UK dCS was the cumulation of British Aerospace engineers with a background working with the British Royal Navy to develop RADAR systems. (Blue Vixen RADAR Systems)
dCS made it’s name with the worlds first 24-bit Ring DAC ADC in 1989 and throughout the 1990’s dCS made strides in what could be done with digital audio and had a long term relationship with the BBC as well as studios around the world.
dCS is by no means ‘cheap’ electronics. It represents the pinnacle of what engineering refinement can do. These refinements do add up but in turn offer you one of the most realistic musical sources out there.
So while this is not inexpensive, it certainly reflects extraordinary value.
The Rossini Player retails at $33,000. The Rossini External Word Clock retails at $9,000.
The Rossini series is a product designed to bridge the gap to the flagship Vivaldi series.
I don’t think anything I say can indicate how good this combination of audio extravagance really is. If you’d like to have a listen, please feel free to come by the Wellington store and have a listen.
If you’d like to book a demonstration, please call us on 0508 86 4434.

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