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Distributing the New sky decoder around your home.

With the release of the new SKY decoder, and the uptake around NZ, it is worthy of a few further comments, mainly based around distribution and using it in a home like previous sky decoders have been implemented.
Sky NZ hasn’t really mentioned how the new decoder can be distributed around your home, and previously they have encouraged this with the sale of SKY branded Modulators. A number of our clients have noticed a subtle change in the decoder box and the inability to connect it to a traditional RF modulator.
A vast majority of our customers have a sky decoder connected to their main TV, and Potentially even a second TV with a HD connection via a theatre receiver or HD Extender, and further TV’s via a Basic RF modulator.

With the new sky decoder the first two option are repeatable, but the third using a modulator, requires a change in Hardware, from a Basic RF modulator, to a HD modulator and more specifically and ideally one which has a HDMI input and pass through.
This is because SKY NZ has stripped back the connections on the back of the decoder, only leaving an single HDMI connection and a single Toslink/Optical audio connection.
In a existing property. We can utilising existing cabling if appropriate or if we have access run new cabling. From here we have the option using a HDMI extender, Like the 2k30 from HD Anywhere. This is cost effective for 1 extra TV.
For multiple locations fed from the one decoder, or where cabling cannot be run, a HD DVB-T Modulator is a more versatile solution.
These can connect and be tuned into a TV like the older RF modulators, but go out onto your aerial system as a Freeview HD channel. They require a HDMI input connection from SKY and typically had a HDMI pass through out to your theatre amplifier or Main TV.

There are of course a few downsides to this solution.
Firstly the move from a $80-90 Basic Modulator, into a HD Modulator, starting at $699.00 this is a big price differential. And potentially more than the cost saving from sky with moving to the new decoder.
Secondly, the will in most instances require technical setup.
And Thirdly. There is a delay. The HDMI signal coming in has to be decoded and re-encoded into RF signal. This can effect in home use in two main ways.
1. there is a 2-3 second delay for picture and audio. If you have two TV’s in close proximity. 1 directly feed with HDMI and the other from the RF backfeed, this will have Audio delay and standing between the two will sound terrible with one room’s audio 2-3 seconds behind.
2. In the RF backfeed locations there will be a 2-3 second delay from button presses on the sky remote. So these locations will require patience to operate.

We have both options on hand, and are always happy to discuss and work through to a solution that suits your home and operation.

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