Dolby Atmos on Yamaha Receivers

Atmos on Yamaha Receivers
Using Dolby Atmos on your Yamaha Receiver
What is Dolby Atmos?
Dolby Atmos is a whole new surround sound format designed to bring a completely new level of realism to cinema’s and home theaters. Based around mixing sounds as objects rather than from specific speakers, and the addition of overhead or ceiling speakers. I have an article explaining in detail how Atmos works: All About: Dolby Atmos. This also explains what receivers and speakers you need for Atmos to work.
Which receivers support Atmos?
At the moment only the Yamaha RX-A2040 and RX-A3040 support Dolby Atmos, and you need to ensure firmware is up to date for it to work. Here is how to enable Dolby Atmos.
All current Yamaha A/V Receivers Support Dolby Atmos:
For best results, we recommend Yamaha’s Aventage Series of Receivers
How do I update my receiver?
All Yamaha Receivers are updated through their “Advanced Set Up menu” This is accessed by pressing the “Straight” and “Standby” buttons while the unit is powered off.
Use the right arrow on the directional pad until “Firmware” is displayed on screen
Press the “Straight” Button so that “Network” is displayed on screen
Press the “Info” button so that the update process begins.
If your Receiver is not connected to a network, USB updating is also available. Check the manual for more info.
How do I enable my overhead speakers?
Once your receiver has been updated, you need to configure the speakers.
Please note: This means you may lose multi-zone functionality. Contact us if you need help making Atmos work at the same time as multiple areas of sound.
The overhead speakers are enabled under the manual speaker configuration menu.
Press Setup
Navigate to Speaker Configuration
Select Manual Set Up
Under Configuration: Select Front Presence Speakers & Press Enable
Select Rear Presence Speakers & Press Enable
Press Return
Under Layout (At the very bottom of the list): Select Manual
Select Front Presence, Select Overhead
Select Rear Presence, Select Overhead
Do the Microphone set-up as per usual
Play Some Dolby Atmos Movies
What Movies Support Atmos?
A list of all Atmos enabled Blu-Ray releases is available here: Dolby Atmos Blu-Ray’s

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