Dolby Vision Update Procedure For Arcam Receivers

Dolby Vision Update Procedure For Arcam Receivers
Arcam have just released the latest firmware update for their AVR series, which allows the latest models to use the excellent Dolby Vision HDR system.
Dolby Vision is an end-to-end calibrated HDR system, which allows everyone to experience the very best in picture quality. For more information, have a look at our tips and tricks here: Dolby Vision Explanation
Arcam AVR Firmware Update Procedure
Models Included:
AVR-390, AVR-550, AVR-850, SR-250
Download the firmware file from Arcam’s website
Unzip (extract) the files to an empty USB drive
Turn on the Arcam unit and then plug the USB drive into the empty slot at the back of the unit
Press and hold “info” and “display” on the front of the receiver at the same time until the front panel displays “Searching USB”
The update takes around 15 minutes to complete

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