DTS:X Update for Top End Yamaha Receivers

DTS:X Update for Top End Yamaha Receivers
Yamaha have just released a substantial update to their top home theater line. With support for the latest DTS:X immersive sound system, this should provide a whole new level of performance. The updates are for the following models:
Yamaha RX-A1050
Yamaha RX-A2050
Yamaha RX-A3050
Yamaha CX-A5100
DTS:X is part of the latest generation of object based, 3D surround sound systems. The idea is to create a realistic sound environment by adding speakers above the listener and mixing the sound effects based on the speakers that any particular person may happen to have in the room.
It’s worth noting that updates to Yamaha receivers can take up to an hour. It is recommended that this is done from USB or wired network rather than wirelessly if possible.
You can view the official Yamaha press release here: Yamaha DTS: X Release

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