Dynaudio Cleans up What Hi-Fi Awards

Dynaudio Cleans up What Hi-Fi Awards
What Hi-Fi Loves Dynaudio (And so do we…)
Dynaudio have really stepped it up a notch this year, with a suite of glowing reviews and now some rewards to top it all off.
Overall Product of the Year – Dynaudio Emit M20
Best Standmount Speaker £400-£800 РDynaudio Emit M20
Best Wireless Speaker – Dynaudio Xeo 2
Here’s some of the kind word’s What Hi-Fi have to say:
Emit M20
“Dynamically, the Dynaudios are always on the move within their generous range, proving as capable with explosive changes as subtle ones.
Each piano note is solid, exact and punctual – even if in absolute terms they sometimes trade outright control for fun.
Unlike some speakers that favour certain music genres, the Emit 20s are game for everything”
Xeo 2
“Sound quality compromised for the sake of convenience? Not here.
Versatile, easy to house and packing a hugely accomplished sound worthy of their asking price, the Dynaudio Xeo 2s are a near-complete system in a speaker‚Äôs clothing ‚Äì and a great one at that, whatever your source.”

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