Dynaudio Emit M20 What Hi-Fi Review – 5 Stars, No Downside

5 Star Review: No Downside Whatsoever!
We love the Dynaudio Emit Series and it seems What Hi-Fi wholeheartedly agree, following hot on the heels of their glowing 5 Star review of the Emit M10’s, they have performed another group test, this time with the larger brothers: The Dynaudio Emit M20’s.
This is one of the most glowingly positive What Hi-Fi review I have ever read…They state no downside, so long as they are well matched to the room.
You can read the full review here: What Hi-Fi Dynaudio Emit M20 Review
Here is a sampling of some of the comments:
“Unlike some speakers that favour certain music genres, the Emit 20s are game for everything”
“With both the M10 and M20 bookshelves receiving five-star and reviews Group Test-winning status, it‚Äôs a thoroughly impressive two from two for the Emit series. If you, or rather your room, determines that the more scale, dynamic range and bass the better, the M20s are bang on the money.”
We always keep stocks of both of these speakers in Wellington and Christchurch, pop in to have a listen and see what all of the fuss is about.

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