Dynaudio Emit M30 Reviewed & Measured

Dynaudio Emit M30 Reviewed & Measured: Impeccable
Yet another glowing review for these unbelievably excellent entry level floor-standers
Dynaudio has been raking in amazing reviews lately, with a whole range of reviewers cottoning on to the fact that these Dane’s really know how to build technically excellent speakers.
This time it’s the turn of the Australian’s at AV Hub who have contributed quite an in depth technical review, which details many of the reasons why Dynaudio is a staff favourite. Here are some of the highlights:
“What you‚Äôll hear is the Emit M30s delivering fast, stomach-hitting drum sound to die for, chunky twangy bass lines and a vocal that‚Äôs so real-sounding and exciting that you‚Äôll find yourself playing air guitar in the breaks‚Ķ or was that only me?”
“The Dynaudio Emit M30 is not only an exceptionally good loudspeaker design, one that measured extremely well on Newport Test Labs‚Äô test bench, it‚Äôs also an exceptionally well built loudspeaker and therefore gets my very highest recommendation.”
One of the nicest parts of the review was the range of technical measurements performed, which prove beyond a doubt the reasons why the Dynaudio’s sound so good.
They have an exceptionally flat in-room response, a smooth bottom end, massive power handling and a relatively easy load for a reasonably powerful amplifier. I would highly recommend having a read: Dynaudio Emit M30 (.pdf Format; 416Kb)
You can view the Dynaudio Emit M30’s in either of our stores (and have a listen) or on our website: Dynaudio Emit M30

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