Dynaudio Excite X12 wins Stereophile Budget Component of Year Award

Dynaudio Excite X12 wins Stereophile Budget Component of Year Award
Dynaudio is proud to announce that Stereophile magazine has awarded the Excite X12 the award for “Budget Component of the Year” (joint) in its 2010 Product of the Year Awards.
The Excite X12 shares this honor with the Logitech Squeezebox Touch Network Player and Oppo BDP-83SE Blu-ray Player, adding another prestigious accolade to those which have already been bestowed upon this amazing loudspeaker.
A perfect example of high-end not having to mean high-priced, the Excite X12 is the most affordable Dynaudio model reviewed by Stereophile to date, and was the lowest priced loudspeaker in consideration for the 2010 Stereophile Loudspeaker of the Year Award, for which it was a runner-up. Additionally, the X12 is also the most affordable loudspeaker currently in its class (B) in the Stereophile Recommended Components list.
“With the Dynaudio Excite X12 there are no tradeoffs. It sets a high standard of excellence in every meaningful sonic parameter, whether in absolute terms or with respect to its price and size.” РRobert J. Reina, Stereophile, March 2010
“A well engineered speaker like this makes it hard to justify spending more on a bookshelf speaker unless you can afford one of the cost-no-object models.” РJohn Atkinson, Stereophile, March 2010
“Oh man, is this speaker ever good! Far better resolution and way better tonal quality than you have any right to expect for the money.” РSam Tellig, Stereophile, October 2010
Read more about the X12 here.

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