Dynaudio Xeo Hub / Connect / Link / Extender Explained

Dynaudio Xeo Hub / Connect / Link / Extender Explained
In clockwise order (From top right): Extend, Link, Hub, Connect
Wireless without compromise! – And Simple
Dynaudio’s Xeo system is a super simple way of creating high quality wireless music in your house. The XEO speakers have wireless receivers built in to them designed to receive music from the Dynaudio Hub or Connect. All you need to do is plug them into power and press play on your source!
Dynaudio’s Xeo 2 are available here: Dynaudio Xeo 2
There are a few similar looking boxes that make this work. This article is just to quickly describe the differences.
Hub Use with “Plug in sources” Allows XEO to play back from sources with a wired connection such as turntables CD Players, Computers etc.
Connect Use with “Plug in” and wireless sources. Has traditional wired inputs as well as Wi-Fi, Spotify Connect and Bluetooth. The most flexible choice for a XEO system
Link Receives the signal from Hub or Connect. Turns any system (Including Focus XD) into XEO system
Extend Expands the range of a Xeo system. Use when going through multiple walls or over 20m.

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