Dynaudio Xeo Wireless Speakers

Dynaudio Xeo Wireless Speakers
Dynaudio’s newest offering, the Xeo series wireless speakers are starting to arrive in NZ. Reviewers around the world have been raving about how easy these active, wireless loudspeakers are to set up, but more importantly, their sound. The Xeo X3 bookshelf speakers and the Xeo X5 floorstanding speakers both use the same Xeo Transmitter to receive sound from a line level source (standard analog connection), Digital Optical, or USB. The speakers can be used as a pair (obviously), or split into two different rooms as ‘mono’, though, why bother, right?
For more information, check the links above or download the brochure here: DYN_Xeo_brochure, (.pdf Format; 3687Kb)
Xeo 5 in AUDIO 05/12
“Looks like high-end ‚Äì and sounds like it.”
“Even the most demanding audiophiles will not miss anything in sound staging.”
“Price/Performance Ratio: Outstanding”
“Start the source, choose the input, increase the volume level ‚Äì it plays! Rarely installation and adaption of a technically complex product has been so easy.”
“Xeo shows how the future in High-End can look like: smart, wireless, easy to use, and a sound quality on the audiophile level.”
Xeo 3 in WHAT HI-FI? June 2012
“Got your heart set on wireless speakers? Stop looking ‚Äì the Xeo 3s are stellar.”
“Wireless; clear and dynamic; good timing; multi-source; multi-room; easy to set up.”
“The Xeo 3s are the best wireless speakers we‚Äôve heard, and Dynaudio has done a stellar job in delivering sound broadly comparable to a similarly-priced wired system.”
Online https://www.whathifi.com/dynaudio/xeo-3/review
Xeo 3 and Xeo 5 in STEREO 5/12
“They impressed with a sound balance that baffled us.”
“Tonally both models had an especially even sound radiation and exceptionally neutral character”
“As a result we have to send our congratulations to Skanderborg. A real feat which only happens once in a while ‚Äì innovative, trouble-free technology, combined with a step forward in sound quality‚Ķ”
Xeo 5: Four Stars ‚Äì “Excellent”
Xeo 3: Five Stars ‚Äì “Outstanding”

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