Ecstatic over Martin Logan’s Ethos

Ecstatic over Martin Logan’s Ethos
The Martin Logan Ethos, the new resident in Demo Lounge 2.
Yesterday evening we saw the arrival of the first Reserve Series from Martin Logan come through our store. Martin Logan’s Ethos makes it’s grand appearance.
We have had the smaller ESLs here for a good week or so and were absolutely blown away by their soundstage and imaging.
The key points of difference when one taps into the Reserve Series are active woofers, an active 8 inch and a passive 8 inch radiator in the Ethos. This tied with a 200w Digital Amplifier, and the new Vojtko 24-bit DSP and crossovers make this, technologically quite a tour de force.
But how do they sound?
Exquisite! These are a very cool speaker. Even after coming to terms with their sound staging and imaging, they still wow. They bring out all these minute details that are usually but a murmur of a sound.
This is the first panel in Martin Logan’s Electrostatic speakers where the panel is large enough to drop the crossover below the crucial part of the vocal spectrum too, making for tonally very believable voices, even for male vocalists.
And the bass. Very even, taut and controlled. I believe the benefit of using a relatively low woofer size with the partnership of the passive radiator has made for a great low frequency response. You can even tone it up or down (+/- 10dB below 100Hz) depending on the size and shape of the room. (We have ours on -2dB, as we fire across the room which tends to load bass a little too well)
But I am a terrible writer, so stop reading, and come and have a listen!

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