ELAC's new JET-6 Tweeter

ELAC Anounces their new JET-6 ribbon Tweeter

ELAC was founded in 1926, with its first consumer audio product being a turntable in 1948. ELAC began manufacturing speakers in 1984, and soon became renound in our industry for some of the best loud speakers.

In 1993 ELAC introduced their first folded ribbon tweeter – the JET Tweeter. This delivered a frequency responce well beyond human hearing, virtually elininating resonance based distortion and delivering detail and unmatched transparency (without ever being “bright”.

Possibly the most renound of the JET series is their current JET-5 tweeter, and we see this being used in the Solano, Vela and above ranges of speakers.

Today, ELAC anounces the replacement to this amazing driver, the JET-6 Tweeter. ELAC's new JET-6 Tweeter soon to be available in the Vela range of speakers from The Listenig Post Christchurch and Wellington

Designed to perform every so slightly better in every measurable way over the Jet-5, it will be exciting to see it slowly rolled out into ELAC’s higher end speaker range.

Look out for some specials on the current range to help clear stocks ahead of the new ranges arival (due late Dec 2023 – early Jan 2024)

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