ELAC Discovery Music Server

ELAC Discovery Music Server
One component, infinite sound.
The recent upgrade of Roon Essentials include improvements made to the Discovery Music Server via Roon Essential 1.7 update. If you aren’t familiar with this ELAC product, then read on. The Discovery Music server solves one of the biggest hurdles in computer audio – the computer. Roon Essentials is the most innovative music playback software available which allows you to enjoy local and streaming music without the need for a laptop or computer. Discovery allows you to explore your music collection like never before, with an interface that anyone can master in only a few minutes.
The latest 1.7 update to Roon Essentials has many improvements including:
Unlimited tracks, previously capped at 30,000
Qobuz functionality – while not available in New Zealand yet, it is likely to be in the future
Improved search engine
Zone icons added
Auto Sleep function
In short, these massive upgrades for the Discovery put it well and truly on par with the full subscription version of Roon.
Be sure to check out this great Youtube clip from Hans Beekhuysen for more info – ELAC Discovery Update

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