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ELAC Unveils JET 6 – A New Milestone in Audio Perfection

In the world of audiophiles, ELAC has remained synonymous with innovation and sonic excellence for nearly three decades. As the company proudly celebrates 29 years of JET development, they are raising the bar yet again with the unveiling of the JET 6. This latest addition to the JET tweeter family is a testament to ELAC’s relentless commitment to pushing the boundaries of audio technology.

A Journey Through Time: JET Evolution

The journey began in 1995 with the introduction of JET 1, which set the stage for a series of groundbreaking developments.
Over the years, ELAC engineers never wavered in their pursuit of audio perfection, leading to subsequent models, JET 2 (1999), JET 3 (2003), and JET 4 (2006). The JET 5 in 2012 marked a significant milestone, setting the stage for what has now culminated in the JET 6, released in 2023.

Passion for the Genuine: The JET 6 Innovation

The JET 6 is a true labor of love, built upon years of relentless research and development. This latest tweeter innovation features two major advancements that redefine the JET experience:

  1. Re-Design of the Foil and its Tracks: ELAC engineers have taken precision to new heights with this reimagined foil and track design, significantly reducing unwanted resonances. The unique layout and aluminum circuit paths with varying thickness provide acoustical benefits that audiophiles will undoubtedly appreciate. These advancements contribute to a further reduction of Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) and a linearization of the frequency response within the acoustic range, particularly around 2kHz and 12kHz.
  2. 4th Generation JET Front Plate Structure: The JET 6 boasts a fourth-generation front plate structure meticulously optimized to match the new foil design. This meticulous engineering results in a linearized frequency response within the ultra-sonic air-band (20kHz to 50kHz), a feature of paramount importance for high-resolution audio enthusiasts.

The Promise of JET 6: Passion for the Genuine

The JET 6, with its groundbreaking design and engineering innovations, is poised to become the next-generation JET tweeter, raising the bar on every front relevant to discerning audiophiles. It maintains the distinctive Sound Pressure Level (SPL) and broad Frequency Range that ELAC’s JET series is celebrated for.
This latest innovation is poised to deliver improved linearity and reduced THD, promising an unparalleled audio experience. With a legacy spanning nearly three decades and a relentless pursuit of audio excellence, ELAC’s JET 6 is set to redefine the boundaries of what is possible in the world of high-fidelity sound.

For more information and technical specifications, visit ELAC’s official website.

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