Environmental Statement

Here at The Listening Post, we endeavor to do our bit for the environment.  

“We sell products that are built to last”

McIntosh's MC240 Valve Amplifier
Built to outlast your Grandchildren

We choose to stock products that are built to last – not throw away items. We ensure these products are well supported with spare parts and repair services, to “keep them on the road” for longer too. Where we can, we choose products that are packaged in recyclable materials and we ask our distributors to do the same of their suppliers. All cardboard boxes are flattened and recycled at council recycling facilities. All product packaging is separated, with plastics and printed materials recycled via curb side recycling.

“We take all reasonable steps to recycle packaging”

Freight packaging is stored and reused, with screwed up old newspapers being our preferred packing material.
In Christchurch our Polystyrene is recycled by Waste Management Ltd, where it is used for light weight concrete production.
In Wellington, Polystyrene is used by PolyPalace for use in roading materials and insulated concrete flooring.
We recommend all businesses that have waste polystyrene pay for this service.
Un-repairable electronics are stripped, sorted and recycled. Cable off cuts, scrap metal, even unused nuts, bolts and screws are all sorted and recycled. In the office all shredded paper is recycled by Mastagard.
In the staff room all milk and beer bottles, cans, plastic food containers and even take away coffee cups are cleaned and recycled via curb side recycling where it is available.

Drowning in Polystyrene
We pay to have our Polystyrene reused

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