Epson Announce new HDR Projectors (TW-8300 & TW-9300)

Epson Announce new HDR Projectors (TW-8300 & TW-9300)
The newly announced Epson Projectors
Epson America have just announced two new higher end home cinema projectors to rival the best 4K projectors on the market. These new projectors represent a massive step up for the home cinema enthusiast.
For those familiar with the older TW-8200 the manual zoom has been replaced with a new motorized zoom lens, and now that it’s motorized, the new projectors finally have Lens Memory.
This means these Epsons will work for those of you contemplating the benefits of a wide screen, such as a 2.35:1 ratio.
These projectors are still native 1080p projectors like their predecessors, but now they have pixel shifting, like Epson’s $10,995.00 LS10000 flagship laser projector. HDR is also supported (and auto sensed), for the maximum dynamic range.

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