Exchange Rate Slip, Pricing Going up on McIntosh

It’s Now A Great Time To Buy McIntosh Products
Looking to upgrade to a higher end home theatre system? Then now is the time! Due to an exchange rate slip, pricing will henceforth be going up for McIntosh products sold in New Zealand. However, we here at The Listening Post will be selling the following stocked McIntosh products at the old price, so get in quick to get your hands on these amazing products before they go up in price!
The following McIntosh products will be held at their previous price:
MA9000 300w Integrated Amplifier
MA7200 200w Integrated Amplifier
MAC7200 200w Receiver
MA5300 100w Integrated Amplifier
MA252 100w Hybrid Tube Integrated Amplifier
MB50 Streamer
MC452 450w Stereo Power Amplifier
MCT450 CD Transport
MA9000 Integrated Amplifier

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