Extra for Experts – Streaming and Devialet Expert

Extra for Experts – Streaming and Devialet Expert Amps
Streaming Music and Devialet Expert
Devialet’s Expert Amplifiers are some of the most incredible feats of design and engineering of audio components we have ever seen. Their online user manual and help – not so much.
You can view the Devialet Expert Series Amplifiers on our website here: Devialet
Our Devialet’s have recently been upgraded with the Core Infinity upgrade, which promises improved streaming performance when new software is released by Devialet. In the meantime, they do have a robust streaming platform built into them, you just have to figure out how to control it!
I’ve spent some time going through the various streaming options, so I thought it would be worthwhile explaining them here.
Note: Devialet’s recommended method of streaming to the Expert is to use ROON (A paid service). There are good instructions elsewhere for how to do that, so I am not including Roon in this article.
Connecting to your Home Network
Streaming Music From you Smart Device
Streaming Music from Network Share
Streaming Music from a Streaming Service such as Tidal
Connecting to your network
If you are connecting the Expert to a wired network, simply plug an Ethernet cable into the back of the Expert amplifier.
If you are connecting using a wireless network, you need to use the online configurator to connect to your network. You can see details for that on Devialet’s website here: Connect Expert to Wireless
Streaming Directly from a Smart Device
Devialet’s Expert Remote app is a good choice for streaming directly from your device. It works well on both Apple and Android Devices. It seems to be designed mostly with smaller phone screens in mind and looks pretty basic on a Tablet or iPad.
Devialet Remote on Apple App Store
Devialet Remote on Google Play Store
To play directly from your device, simply open the remote app. Touch the input and select My Music
Streaming From a NAS drive / Network Share
If you have music shared on your Network, you can use a generic UPnP Streaming app such as Bubble DS (Android) or Arcam MusicLife (Apple) to play Music to the Devialet Expert.
First ensure your Devialet Expert is connected to your home network (Either via Wired or Wireless Connection)
Open your UPnP app of choice and select the Devialet Expert as the Output Device. Choose your media Server as the source (We use Logitech Squeezebox server on our Vortexbox) Start browsing and enjoying your music!
Arcam’s Musiclife Streaming App
Streaming from Tidal or other streaming Services
f you use an Android device, you can stream Tidal and other cloud services directly to the Devialet Expert quite easily using the Bubble UPnP
Simply download the Bubble App and sign in to your Tidal account (Under Cloud). Select the Devialet Expert as the output device and you are away!
The Bubble UPnP App is also useful for playing off your NAS drive or Smart Device.
Unfortunately, I am yet to find a good UPnP app for iOS that nicely streams Tidal or other streaming services to the Devialet.
iOS users should look into Roon if they would like to stream Tidal to their Devialet (Or look at a seperate streamer like the Moon MiND.)
Bubble UPnP Streaming Tidal

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