Fiio X5 Gen III Now In Store

Fiio X5 Gen III Available For Demo Listening
Come see what all of the fuss is about!
With the rise of many low quality streaming services, we are seeing more and more people interested in decent quality DAPs (purpose-built portable Digital Audio Players).
We have invested in a huge range of DAPs – from the most basic FiiO players, through to the top-end Astell & Kern players.
These are all available for you to try out, listen to and compare in both our Wellington and Christchurch showrooms. Take your time and listen on several different high-end headphones (or bring your own). Sit back, enjoy and prepare to hear your music more clearly than before!
The FiiO X5 Gen 3 is one of the latest and greatest, with a slick custom interface and two very high-quality DACs built in. Not a bad starting point to dive into the world of high-end portable audio…
Fiio X5 Gen III being “tested” in store

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