Fostex TH-900 Mk II Flagship Headphones now in Wellington

Fostex TH-900 Mk II Flagship Headphones now in Wellington
Fostex TH900 MKII arrive in Wellington
Made in Japan – A Craftman’s process
There comes a point in Fostex’s range, where you can see they are genuinely proud of their creations. It’s clear the Fostex TH900 has been made with that kind of pride and care. Something that has become all the more rare in this day and age.
Japanese audio manufacturer Fostex has been a big presence in the headphone market for quite some time offering OEM drivers and parts to many different brands, as well as making a broad variety of headphones themselves.
The TH900 MK II uses the Foster 443742 drive unit also used by the original TH900, TH610 as well as Denon’s ADH-D5000s and a few others. This is the kind of headphone driver that has it’s own cult following.
Welcome to Wellington
This is Fostex’s flagship headphone and an exciting addition to Wellington’s repertoire of high end closed back headphones.
Sonically this headphone is very good. A very dynamic headphone offering fantastic imaging and sound staging, separation and tonal accuracy. Low end is fast and agile and has good extension with a smooth mid range. This does have a slight emphasis on high frequency, but I think this really aids it in giving it that fantastic sound-staging.
The overall aesthetic and build of this headphone is beautiful – probably the best way to appreciate this is by watching the video at the bottom of the page.
These headphones are made in Japan and can be purchased either in store or online.

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