Furman Power: Direct Customer Feedback

Furman Power: Direct Customer Feedback
Following up from our previous customer experience with Furman, the customer has written in to show his enthusiasm for the product.
This client has supplied this list and the following email in his words, after we had a conversation about his experiences using Furman Power Products. His results were nothing short of impressive.
In his own words:
“As mentioned, the main aim of the Furman in this set-up was to see if it would resolve the mysterious problem with the house wiring that had damaged the ATI and the 150i in earlier incidents (curiously, the Pioneer’s protection circuit saved it from the same fate, but then they are very easily tripped). Anyway, the Furman looks to have done the job, and the fact that the Pioneer’s protection circuit has not come into action since the change seems to confirm this. That aside, the unit has clearly reduced the noise floor and tightened up the overall system’s presence, if not as obviously as was the case with the [ Furman Elite ]16i in the other system.”
One More Thing:
I should have mentioned that system 2 was running through a Belkin PF 30 power console when the ATI burnt out the second time, so whatever protection it was providing wasn’t enough to counter the house wiring problem.
For what it’s worth, according to the read-out on the [ Furman Elite ] 10E, voltage down the line is varying between 237 and 245″
System 1: (Main System)
Perreaux Eloquence 150i/DAC/phono stage
Eloquence CD player
Rega 3 t/table/Grace 707 arm/Dynavector 10 x 5 or Grado Sonata 0.5 carts
Bryston BDA-1 DAC
Quadral M50 or Wharfedale Jade 7 speakers
Kimber Silver Streak interconnects and 4TC speaker cables, Wyrewizard coax, Wireworld Starlight USB
Furman 16i
System 2: (Secondary System)
ATI 1202 power amp
Pioneer A9 amp used as pre-amp
Pioneer PD6 SAECD/CD player
Project Xpression/Audio Technica 150MLX/Project phono preamp (just the entry level one)
Audioquest King Cobra interconnects and Rocket 44 bi-wire speaker cables
Wharfedale Opus 1 speakers and Opus W300 sub
Furman 10E

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