Gen 1 Bluesound Products – Are They Compatible With New Versions?

Since taking on Bluesound, we’ve had a number of customers with Gen 1 Vault’s come to us looking to purchase a new version Node or Powernode. When confronted with the question: “Is a Gen 1 compatible with the new Bluesound products?” we didn’t actually know ourselves.   So after some digging around and confirming with Bluesound support, we got the answer!   Yes, the Gen 1 Vault can work seamlessly with 2i players, such as the Node 2i and Powernode 2i. The information on the latest BluOs release also backs that up. Here’s a wee summary…   “This is a core update to BluOS. Extensive work has gone into ensuring that BluOS is current on our fifty plus streamers.  All products, from the first generation Bluesound players right up to the new NAD M33, run the same up-to-date BluOS operating system.  There are no limitations across the entire product line.”   So if you have a Gen 1 Bluesound product and are wanting to extend your range with the new 2i versions, you can be assured all of the units will be compatible and work seamlessly together.   You can find all the details by clicking here – BluOs Release

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