Have your streaming devices stopped working?

We are getting reports across multiple streaming solution providers that the firmware updates from some domestic routers have basically broken streaming. It is usually related to a setting within a router that can be turned on by default in the router’s firmware.

If your streaming devices in the home have been working fine, and suddenly stop working, it is possible they have been affected by a change in your network settings. Sometimes this can occur through the firmware update on your router, where default settings get changed.

The issue can occasionally apply to most brands of streaming solution and can affect Sonos, MusicCast, BluOS, Heos or PlayFi

The solution for Asus Routers:

Router Advanced Setting: Wifi Airtime Fairness: Set to Off

Other brands of Routers typically call this feature QOS or quality of service. Depending on the level of technology, this can be good or bad.

In a BAD scenario, like airtime fairness it auto targets MAC addresses that have high data throughput, and starts limiting their speeds and access. This is done to ensure all devices on the network receive equal access and not just the demanding ones. This results in streaming devices not being allocated the resources they require to operate.

The bigger and more recent issue we are currently seeing is the Mesh Wifi products in homes, where this essentially makes 2 networks in home which cannot see devices on the other network.
This is especially with ISP’s providing these as wifi solutions..

You can find the article on this issue here.

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