HDMI 2.0 Officially Announced

HDMI 2 0 Officially Announced
HDMI has quickly become THE standard for audio and video in the industry, with every Blu-ray player, receiver, TV, Tablet, Computer, Phone, or other device that has the capability to play audio or video having some variation of the plug. Well, the new standard has been announced. In addition to the features you all know and love (such as the handshaking requirements), you now have the ability to do 4k resolutions at 60Hz, support for audio resolutions up to 1536kHz, and dual video. With support for up to 18Gbps, there are all sorts of possibilities for content.
The likely upshot? You may be able to daisy chain your computer monitors instead of running two cables! The luxury!
Seriously, though, I’d be interested to see some 4k full 3D. Now, if they could only fix the silly connector…
For more information about the new spec, visit the official website: http://www.hdmi.org

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