Hi-Fi Worlds Glowing Review of Wireworld Oasis

Wireworld has managed to consistently outperform its competitors around the world by producing extremely high quality and audibly stunning speaker cables at a variety of price ranges. Recently the well respected reviewers at HiFi World focused the spotlight upon the Wireworld Oasis Speaker Cable – a favorite of ours here at The Listening Post Christchurch and Wellington.   The reviewer highlights that the Oasis Speaker Cable “reveals fine detail vividly, creating an added sense of space around individual instruments and voices”. Special attention is given to the “filigree detail and micro-dynamics, making for a highly revelatory experience”. The review provides an excellent breakdown of the pure quality provided by Wireworld with this cable and rounds out by recommending it to any listener looking to inject some dynamism into their system.   Check out the full review here   For more information on Wireworld Oasis Speaker Cable visit the store page here

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