Home Theater HiFi’s Review of the Q B12

The Q B12 is the largest subwoofer Q Acoustics has designed, deviating away from their traditional slimline subs such as the 3070S. This particular subwoofer was designed to make a statement and that’s exactly what Home Theatre Hi-Fi discovered.   The first thing Home Theatre HiFi noted was it’s size compared to existing Q Acoustics subwoofers – it’s a big boy. Its sealed design helps with positioning and integrating it into a hi-fi set up.   Here’s what they had to say about it’s design:   “The Q Acoustics Q B12 consists of a long-throw 12-inch driver with high sensitivity and superb dynamics, powered by an ultra-low distortion 220W Texas Instruments TPA3255 Class D amplifier. It’s the largest and most powerful subwoofer from Q Acoustics so far, with an active limiter and the amplifier’s proprietary PurePath Ultra-HD technology ensuring unwanted distortion is minimised across the board, resulting in a taut but forceful sound.”   After testing the Q B12 as part of a hi-fi and home theatre system, Home Theatre HiFi expressed that the wub blended seamlessly with Q Acoustics 3000i range of speakers and assimilated convincingly with other speaker packages to fill the bottom end.   In their concluding remarks, Home Theatre HFi said:   “The Q Acoustics Q B12 offers a lot of bang for the buck excelling equally at home theater and hi-fi. Its size requires some consideration, but if you want more bass, this one should be on your list.Q Acoustics has knocked it out of the park yet again. It begs the question, what’s next?”   To read the full review, click here – Home Theatre HiFi Q B12 Review

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