How Does Pro-Ject’s Vertical Turntable Work?

How Does Pro-Ject’s Vertical Turntable Work?
Cool: How does it work?
Pro-Ject’s Vertical Turntable is certainly an interesting talking point. It seems to stop people dead in the store. The completely unique design is a mystery at first: How does the arm stay up? How does it sound? How does it track the record? How does the record even stay on?
How does it even stand up!?
Well, it’s definitely an interesting piece of engineering so let’s look in a little more detail.
Vertical record players are nothing new. A vertical record player that actually sounds good, is a completely different story. A vertical record player that sounds good and isn’t hugely expensive? This must be a first…
The turntable itself is built on Pro-Ject’s budget friendly hero: The Essential II. For the price, it’s a very sensibly engineered design, so a good starting point for a vertical deck.
Using the turntable…
The VT-E is surprisingly pleasant to use! The needle stays exactly where you would expect and seems to track the record very nicely…
No-one is saying that this player is the best sounding in the world (Besides we have McIntosh for that) But for the price it’s a good solid turntable, with the added bonus of being a completely unique design.
I would highly recommend popping in to one of our stores if you’re interested in something quite unique like this….

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